Storm Cloud on Deka

Read by Phil Chenevert

(4.1 stars; 27 reviews)

Another pulp Science Fiction saga by E.E.'Doc' Smith. The Galactic Civilization is established, lensmen are on every world. But those horrible Atomic Vorteces still rage on many worlds. The only man who can extinguish them, the human computer 'Storm' Cloud, is embroiled in a tangled affair in this story of nasty villians and partially clad women. Don't ask me, I just read this stuff. - Summary by phil chenevert (1 hr 11 min)


Chapter 1...From a seed 18:13 Read by Phil Chenevert
Chapter 2 Vortex Buster 30:37 Read by Phil Chenevert
Chapter 3 "Clear Ether!" 22:10 Read by Phil Chenevert


(3 stars)

Phil rocks, the story totally lost me.