The Creatures That Time Forgot

Read by Ben Tucker

(4.6 stars; 32 reviews)

Mad, impossible world! Sun-blasted by day,
cold-wracked by night—and life condensed by
radiation into eight days! Sim eyed the
Ship—if he only dared reach it and
escape! ... but it was more than half an
hour distant—the limit of life itself! - Summary by Planet Stories, Fall 1946 (1 hr 51 min)


Chapter I 12:53 Read by Ben Tucker
Chapter II - III 13:41 Read by Ben Tucker
Chapter IV - V 19:29 Read by Ben Tucker
Chapter VI 3:19 Read by Ben Tucker
Chapter VII 19:15 Read by Ben Tucker
Chapter VIII 11:40 Read by Ben Tucker
Chapter IX 31:06 Read by Ben Tucker


(5 stars)

Thank you Ben. Much appreciated. Please finish of the John Carter books that aren’t on LibriVox. Brilliant narrator.


(5 stars)

Excellent narrator! This is my first Bradbury book as I've never been a sci-fi fan. He has converted me. I wondered how it started, how could the people go on, what could they do to change it? What would I do? Well illustrated plot detailing the resilience, courage to try, and compassion a thinking creature can have instead of willingly accepting a horrible fate. An example if someone willing to change their life's outcome or die trying.

nice job

(5 stars)

Nice job been another good book narrated by you

(5 stars)

great sci fi read! excellent Reading