Scream at Midnight

Read by Ben Tucker

(4.7 stars; 15 reviews)

Thrill to a collection of terrifying stories from famed pulp horror writer Joseph Payne Brennan, author of "Slime", the story that influenced the famous film The Blob! From evil cats to blood-sucking bats, Brennan brings us a suite of supernatural tales full of haunted occurrences, ghoulish witches and all other manner of things that go bump in the night. "In the Very Stones" even introduces us to his long-running psychic detective Lucius Leffing. Get cozy for some good ol' fashioned pulp terror from a master of weird tales! (Summary by Ben Tucker) (2 hr 51 min)


The Horror at Chilton Castle 36:15 Read by Ben Tucker
The Midnight Bus 13:30 Read by Ben Tucker
The Vampire Bat 12:07 Read by Ben Tucker
The Seventh Incantation 15:15 Read by Ben Tucker
Killer Cat 19:05 Read by Ben Tucker
The Dump 30:13 Read by Ben Tucker
The Tenants 9:52 Read by Ben Tucker
The Man Who Feared Masks 10:24 Read by Ben Tucker
The Visitor In The Vault 8:35 Read by Ben Tucker
In The Very Stones 16:34 Read by Ben Tucker


my new favourite reader

(5 stars)

Enjoyable stories (The Vampire Bat gave me a genuine shudder) and I'm delighted at Ben Tucker's appearance on the scene. Not only is he an excellent reader, but his book choices chime with my own tastes. Altogether most satisfying 😊