The Canal, and Leonora

Read by Ben Tucker

(4.6 stars; 8 reviews)

Everil Worrell was one of the few female writers of weird fiction in the early days of Weird Tales magazine and 1927 marked a seminal year for Worrell, bookending the January and December 1927 issues of Weird Tales with two undead stories of terror, Leonora and The Canal. The Canal is particular was cited as a favorite story of H. P. Lovecraft's. He even went so far as to mention on several occasions that it was one of his top six favorite stories printed in Weird Tales magazine. The Canal is a striking and atmospheric tale of love and dread that is sure to get under your skin, and Leonora is a fine compliment to it, capturing the powerful allure of a mysterious stranger from the beyond. (Summary by Ben Tucker) (1 hr 22 min)


The Canal Part 1 22:22 Read by Ben Tucker
The Canal Part 2 10:46 Read by Ben Tucker
The Canal Part 3 12:26 Read by Ben Tucker
The Canal Part 4 8:23 Read by Ben Tucker
Leonora 28:49 Read by Ben Tucker


(5 stars)

Two eerily atmospheric stories made all the more so by Ben's excellent narration. Really enjoyed both.

(5 stars)

both stories very enjoyable and beautifully read