Pomes Penyeach

Read by KevinS

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James Joyce published three volumes of poetry during his lifetime including Pomes Penyeach. This simple booklet was published in 1927 in Paris. The poems were written over a twenty-year period beginning in 1904 and are arranged chronologically in the booklet.

This thin collection reveals some of Joyce's humor. "Pomes Penyeach" plays with the French word for apples---pommes. The booklet was sold for a shilling, that is 12 pennies. (12 francs.) That the collection of poems is actually 13 in number mirrors the Irish tradition of the "tilly," something like the well-known baker's dozen. In fact, the first poem's title is "Tilly." The wrap of the booklet was printed on apple green colored paper.

These details must be credited to Richard Ellmann. (Summary by KevinS) (0 hr 10 min)