Tall Tales Of Cape Cod

Read by David Wales

(5 stars; 1 reviews)

“The title of this volume is perhaps misleading. Tall Tales of Cape Cod they are, yes, but in a broader sense that are the feel and the basis of a way of life. These fables and superstitions, personalities and adventures cannot be labeled merely Tall Tales, for they were such an important part of life on Cape Cod that to think of the narrow land without them would be impossible. The stories I have presented here are, in a sense, true. Some of them are original, that is, products of my own imagination, fired by the Cape and its history. Others are as old as the Cape itself, and have been repeated time and again. Still others have been gleaned from conversation with Cape Cod folk and from the invaluable old books which I have been fortunate enough to have made available to me.” - Summary by Book Introduction (2 hr 17 min)


Part 1: Introduction 2:53 Read by David Wales
Part 2 40:22 Read by David Wales
Part 3 42:11 Read by David Wales
Part 4 51:48 Read by David Wales