The Seven Temporary Moons

Read by Paul Hampton

(4.7 stars; 35 reviews)

Bud Gregory is a hillbilly whose intuitive knack with high technology allows him to solve various superscience problems. - Summary by Paul Hampton (1 hr 22 min)


Trouble in The Sky 19:07 Read by Paul Hampton
A Problem Of Inertia 21:51 Read by Paul Hampton
Ruthless Enemies 18:58 Read by Paul Hampton
Struggle In Space 22:32 Read by Paul Hampton


Clever story!

(5 stars)

Educating for peace is the objective of this well-written and very well-read story! An excellent use of one’s time. Great for crafters and other stay at home types.

great book great read

(5 stars)

very cool story well read by Paul Hampton!!!

The Seven Temporary Moons

(5 stars)

Another Murray Leinster story guarantees to entertain.

A good quick listen.

(5 stars)

Entertaining story, excellent reader.

(4 stars)

Fun simple story, had a good time.