Short Ghost and Horror Collection 067

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(4.6 stars; 9 reviews)

A collection of twenty stories featuring ghoulies, ghosties, four-legged beasts and things that go bump in the night. Expect shivers up your spine, the sound of a monstrous howl, and the occasional touch of wonder. (8 hr 28 min)


The Ash-Tree 29:01 Read by James Dixon
Bells of Oceana 32:04 Read by Ben Tucker
The Cone 22:26 Read by James Dixon
Confession 46:42 Read by Glenn Carruthers
The Dangerous Scarecrow 19:51 Read by Sonia Morales
The Dead Hand 36:03 Read by Thea Hori
The Fiend of the Seine 10:41 Read by Dale Grothmann
The Fourth Dimension 7:52 Read by Dale Grothmann
Galactic Ghost 22:18 Read by KellyWilcoxBaird
The Ghost 1:38 Read by Dale Grothmann
Here Lies 12:42 Read by Dale Grothmann
The Marrying Monster 16:42 Read by quartertone
The Medici Boots 35:16 Read by quartertone
The Other Gods 15:27 Read by Peter Yearsley
The Other Lodgers 6:17 Read by H.E. Glenn
The Phantom Coach 32:43 Read by Kay Dropiewski
Running Wolf 55:14 Read by Andy Sames
The Shunned House 1:01:39 Read by Yoganandh T
The White Feather Hex 25:49 Read by Kristina Norman
The Young Man Who Wanted to Die 17:35 Read by KellyWilcoxBaird