History of the Early Settlement of Bowmanville and Vicinity

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"Early settlers of Bowmanville, Darlington, Clarke, and surrounding country, with sketches of the habits and customs of the aborigines, and synopsis of the zoology indigenous to this portion of Canada" - cover title

This short work contains historical sketches and oral histories of Clarington, Ontario, as well as a description of the animal life in the area. While less cohesive and chronological than Conant's work, Upper Canada Sketches, it is still interesting to the reader since it speaks of the area near which she resides. (Summary by TriciaG)

Note: This work contains racial stereotypes and attitudes towards indigenous peoples that many do not consider acceptable today. (1 hr 51 min)


Early History of Settlers, Part 1 29:29 Read by TriciaG
Early History of Settlers, Part 2 33:36 Read by TriciaG
Zoology 24:46 Read by TriciaG
Ornithology & Entomology 19:30 Read by TriciaG
Poem & End Note 3:46 Read by TriciaG


Some Nifty Local History

(4 stars)

A very enjoyable and surprisingly informative little book. Well read.