Five Little Peppers and Their Friends

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From the Preface: "There were so many interesting friends of the Five Little Peppers, whose lives were only the faintest of outlines in the series ending when Phronsie was grown up, that a volume devoted to this outer circle has been written to meet the persistent demand.

Herein the author records many happenings that long ago Ben and Polly, Joel and David told her. And even Phronsie whispered some of it confidentially into the listening ear. "Tell about Rachel, please," she begged; and Margaret Sidney promised to write it all down some day.

And that day seems to have arrived in which it all should be recorded and the promise fulfilled. For the Five Little Peppers loved their friends very dearly, and were loyal and true to them. And hand in hand, the circle widening ever, they lived and loved as this history records."
- Summary by Margaret Sidney (8 hr 43 min)


Chapter 0: Preface 1:22 Read by Stacey Malcolm
Chapter I: A Five-O'Clock Tea 24:53 Read by Juli Brooks
Chapter II: Phronsie 16:58 Read by rupiess9
Chapter III: Clem Forsythe 14:57 Read by rupiess9
Chapter IV: Miss Taylor's Working Bee 27:23 Read by Natasha M. Serrano
Chapter V: "She's My Little Girl" 19:51 Read by Penny Coffeen
Chapter VI: Grandma Bascom 21:19 Read by ToddHW
Chapter VII: The Disappointment 24:20 Read by Annie C.
Chapter VIII: The Garden Party 21:43 Read by Annie C.
Chapter IX: The Ten-Dollar Bill 12:45 Read by Allyson
Chapter X: Trouble for Joel 15:14 Read by Tony Hackett
Chapter XI: Rachel 20:20 Read by Victoria Brace
Chapter XII: Doings at the Parsonage 16:03 Read by Allyson
Chapter XIII: "She's Going to Stay Here Forever" 17:52
Chapter XIV: "Can't Go," Said Joel 11:52 Read by Allyson
Chapter XV: Up in Alexia's Pretty Room 14:27 Read by Stacey Malcolm
Chapter XVI: The Accident 10:15 Read by Allyson
Chapter XVII: Joel's Adventure 15:06 Read by Amanda Leung
Chapter XVIII: The Comfort Committee 13:29 Read by Allyson
Chapter XIX: Joel's New Friend 11:19 Read by Allyson
Chapter XX: The Cooking Club 13:49 Read by Allyson
Chapter XXI: Of Many Things in General 17:58 Read by A.C. Benson
Chapter XXII: Rachel's Visit to Miss Parrott 15:20 Read by A.C. Benson
Chapter XXIII: The Old Parrott Homestead 24:54 Read by A.C. Benson
Chapter XXIV: Rachel's Future 29:58 Read by SlyFox
Chapter XXV: Jack Parish 20:55 Read by Cat Sadler
Chapter XXVI: Mr. Hamilton Dyce a True Friend 28:01 Read by Cat Sadler
Chapter XXVII: A Piece of Good News 21:11 Read by Cat Sadler
Chapter XXVIII: The Little Stone Cupboard 20:20 Read by Allyson