The Works of Robert G. Ingersoll, Volume 12 - Miscellany

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Enjoy listening to some of The Great Agnostic's fiery articles, speeches and introductory remarks at a variety of banquets, expositions (like the World's Fair), and celebrations in late 1800's America. The controversial Col. Ingersoll was one of the most sought after Toastmasters and speakers in his day, filling great lecture halls before, during, and after the Civil war, amassing 12 volumes of collected written material. Volume 12 are the collected papers that didn't fit into the previous 11 volumes, and were on some occasions not edited by himself. Ingersoll, son of an itinerant Baptist preacher and well versed in scripture, was an ardent atheist, freethinker & co-founder of the Unitarian church, an abolitionist, great supporter of the arts, devoted family man, and friend to some outstanding clergy whether they agreed with his religious views or not. This volume does not include the 21 Tributes, presented as a sequel in a separate audiobook. (Summary by Michele Fry, BC ) (11 hr 14 min)


Publisher's Preface 3:41 Read by Michele Fry
I. Prof. Van Buren Denslow's "Modern Thinkers" 40:14 Read by William Allan Jones
II. Preface to Dr. Edgar C. Beall's "The Brain and the Bible" 20:22 Read by jenno
III. Preface to "Men, Women and Gods" 10:29 Read by Chris Pyle
IV. Preface to "For Her Daily Bread" 13:44 Read by jenno
V. Preface to "Agnosticism and Other Essays" 25:11 Read by William Allan Jones
VI. Preface to "Faith Or Fact" 20:24 Read by William Allan Jones
VII. The Grant Banquet 13:10 Read by William Allan Jones
VIII. Thirteen Club Dinner 11:40 Read by William Allan Jones
IX. Robson and Crane Dinner 9:15 Read by Tom Merritt
X. The Police Captains' Dinner 11:15 Read by Dan Levin
XI. General Grant's Birthday Dinner 9:40 Read by William Allan Jones
XII. Lotos Club Dinner, Twentieth Anniversary 4:44 Read by Rita Boutros
XIII. Manhattan Athletic Club Dinner 15:10 Read by Rita Boutros
XIV. The Liederkranz Club, Seidl-Stanton Banquet 11:27 Read by Tom Merritt
XV. The Frank B. Carpenter Dinner 24:53 Read by Rita Boutros
XVI. Unitarian Club Dinner 37:01 Read by William Allan Jones
XVII. Western Society of the Army of the Potomac Banquet 10:55 Read by Gloria Loughry
XVIII. Lotos Club Dinner in Honor of Anton Seidl 18:09 Read by William Allan Jones
XXI. The Children of the Stage 13:20 Read by Tom Merritt
XX. Address to the Actors' Fund of America 19:09 Read by Tom Merritt
XIX. Lotos Club Dinner in Honor of Rear Admiral Schley 16:39 Read by Gloria Loughry
XXII. Address to the Press Club 11:49 Read by Michele Fry
XXIII. The Circulation of Obscene Literature 39:13 Read by Michele Fry
XXIV. Convention of the National Liberal League 6:37 Read by Rita Boutros
XXV. Convention of the American Secular Union 13:16 Read by Rita Boutros
XXVI. The Religious Belief of Abraham Lincoln 20:20 Read by Rita Boutros
XXVII. Organized Charities 10:17 Read by Michele Fry
XXVIII. Spain and the Spaniards 10:01 Read by William Allan Jones
XXIX. Our New Possessions 20:35 Read by William Allan Jones
XXX. A Few Fragments on Expansion 7:09 Read by jenno
XXXI. Is It Ever Right for Husband or Wife to Kill Rival? 16:03 Read by William Allan Jones
XXXII. Professor Briggs 27:35 Read by Michele Fry
XXXIII. Fragments, Part 1 27:53 Read by Tom Merritt
XXXIV. Fragments, Part 2 25:35 Read by C. B. Seyfarth
XXXV. Fragments, Part 3 21:27 Read by Bob Swanson
XXXVI. Fragments, Part 4 21:45 Read by Bob Swanson
XXXVII. Effect of the World's Fair on the Human Race 11:18 Read by Michele Fry
XXXVIII. Sabbath Superstition 14:06 Read by Algy Pug
XXXIX. Jesus Christ 4:56 Read by Alan Mapstone
XXXX. Life 4:27 Read by KevinS