In a German Pension, Version 2

Read by Peter Dann

(4.8 stars; 6 reviews)

Katherine Mansfield was only 22 years old when these stories were first published in book form. Mansfield was later reluctant to see them republished, considering them, apparently, to be mere juvenilia, but they still make interesting listening as portents of a formidable talent. Only some of the stories relate to life in a German boarding house (one presumably similar to the location where Mansfield herself spent the early months of an probably unwelcome pregnancy that ended in miscarriage). Many of the stories display a wicked sense of humour, while Mansfield's restiveness under the restrictions and expectations imposed on her as a woman is most palpable. (Summary by Peter Dann) (3 hr 13 min)


Germans at Meat 8:40 Read by Peter Dann
The Baron 8:09 Read by Peter Dann
The Sister of the Baroness 11:08 Read by Peter Dann
Frau Fischer 13:31 Read by Peter Dann
Frau Brechenmacher Attends a Wedding 13:43 Read by Peter Dann
The Modern Soul 21:26 Read by Peter Dann
At “Lehmann's” 15:22 Read by Peter Dann
The Luft Bad 7:24 Read by Peter Dann
A Birthday 22:09 Read by Peter Dann
The Child-Who-Was-Tired 16:57 Read by Peter Dann
The Advanced Lady 21:00 Read by Peter Dann
The Swing of the Pendulum 23:31 Read by Peter Dann
A Blaze 10:27 Read by Peter Dann


a treasure unearthed

(5 stars)

Been following books read by the stupendous Mr Dann and found this. Don't know why this author isn't better known. She is , in my view, as good and sometimes better than Virginia Wolf . The stories are frequently amusing and inciteful but beware, the sad ones will break your heart. All, of course, are enhanced by Peter's reading and excellent knowledge of spoken foreign languages .