Twilight Stories

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A collection of broad-ranging, mostly American stories and poems for children by various authors, including Margaret Sidney, Susan Coolidge, Joaquin Miller, Henry W. Longfellow, and Mrs. Amy Therese Powelson. Each poem or story is followed by an additional short rhyme, drawn from a variety of sources, but not attributed. Topics include history, war, school, everyday life, Fairyland, and more. (Summary by Winnifred Assmann) (3 hr 56 min)


Preface 0:40 Read by Larry Wilson
Christmas Day, by Susan Coolidge 1:44 Read by Sonia
The Only Woman in the Town 34:13 Read by Cbteddy
The Conquest of Fairyland, by A. Mary F. Robinson 9:23 Read by Marian Mangoubi
Kentucky Belle, by Constance Fenimore Woolson 11:16 Read by C. B. Seyfarth
Prophecies, by Kathrine Lente Stevenson 2:43 Read by Rebecca Eden Walker
Why He Was Whipped, by Mrs. Amy Terese Powelson 13:28 Read by C. B. Seyfarth
The Three Fishers, by Charles Kingsley 1:47 Read by Akarsh
"Apples Finkey"--The Water Boy, by John Jerome Rooney 5:25 Read by John Payton
The Soldier's Reprieve 12:00 Read by C. B. Seyfarth
Little Brown Thrushes, by Mrs. Whiton-Stone 1:56 Read by Sonia
The Story of the Empty Sleeve, by R. L. Cary, Jr. 4:12 Read by PeripateticTJ
Facing the World, by Dinah Craik 25:40 Read by Winnifred Assmann
Robert of Lincoln, by William Cullen Bryant 4:17 Read by C. B. Seyfarth
U.S. Spells US, by Anonymous 1:39 Read by Akarsh
"Dixie" and "Yankee Doodle," by Lawrence Porter Hext 1:54 Read by PeripateticTJ
The Barefoot Boy, by John Greenleaf Whittier 5:00 Read by Larry Wilson
Babouscka 10:16 Read by Tiffany Wilson Lillard
Daisies, by M. E. B. 3:28 Read by PeripateticTJ
Driving Home the Cows, by Kate Putnam Osgood 2:56 Read by PeripateticTJ
The Baby's Kiss: An Incident of the Civil War, by Anonymous 2:41 Read by Pippa Moss
The Lost Diamond Snuff Box 14:54 Read by Ayesha Ashraf
The American Flag, by Joseph Rodman Drake 3:43 Read by PeripateticTJ
Aunt Polly Shedd's Brigade 21:23 Read by John Payton
Corinne's Musicale, by Margaret Sidney 3:09 Read by Tessa Adler
Barbara Frietchie, by John Greenleaf Whittier 3:41 Read by Stephanie J
Sheridan's Ride, by T. B. Read 4:17 Read by PeripateticTJ
The Children's Hour, by Henry W. Longfellow 2:27 Read by Larry Wilson
Caryl's Plum, by Margaret Sidney 23:48 Read by Cbteddy
Our Two Opinions, by Eugene Field 2:47 Read by Larry Wilson