The Subjection of Women

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The Subjection of Women is the title of an essay written by John Stuart Mill in 1869, possibly jointly with his wife Harriet Taylor Mill, stating an argument in favor of equality between the sexes. It offers both detailed argumentation and passionate eloquence in opposition to the social and legal inequalities commonly imposed upon women by a patriarchal culture. Just as in "On Liberty," Mill defends the emancipation of women on utilitarian grounds, convinced that the moral and intellectual advancement of women would result in greater happiness for everybody.

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the readers were mostly phenomenal. i could not tell that it was a libravox and not an official ebook. secondly, for such difficult content as a mid eighteenth century British philosopher the reader showed great rhythm through the passages and never felt bored or uninteresting. great job!

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Not the best readers, but they're easy to listen to and it's a short book. This is not a review of the content of the book, just the reading of it.


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Very clear reading of a fabulous and interesting book. The reader doesn't sound monotone therefore keeping the listener entertained whilst maintaining their attention to the subject matter.

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Not just an important text well read, but also one that provides great perspective on marriage

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very important book well read by the various readers