Famous Men of Greece

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(4.4 stars; 58 reviews)

Famous Men of Greece is a series of biographical sketches written for the purpose of making the study of history lively and interesting by giving insight into the men who lived during this time. (Summary by Laura Caldwell) (4 hr 29 min)


Preface 4:13 Read by Ed Meade
The Gods of Greece 12:00 Read by Ed Meade
Deucalion and the Flood 5:46 Read by Ed Meade
Cadmus and the Dragon's Teeth 6:52 Read by Ed Meade
Perseus 9:56 Read by Ed Meade
Hercules and His Labors 12:41 Read by Leon Mire
Jason and the Golden Fleece 11:38 Read by Norman Ross
Theseus 9:14 Read by Norman Ross
Agamemnon 8:19 Read by Philippa
Achilles 8:07 Read by Norman Ross
The Adventures of Ulysses 20:58 Read by M.C.Y.
Lycurgus 7:29 Read by Kristine Bekere
Draco and Solon 8:18 Read by Graham Redman
Pisistratus 5:26 Read by Kristine Bekere
Miltiades the Hero of Marathon 5:51 Read by M.C.Y.
Leonidas at Thermopylae 6:02 Read by Philippa
Themistocles 7:31 Read by Roger Melin
Aristides 8:39 Read by Graham Redman
Cimon 8:19 Read by M.C.Y.
Pericles 7:05 Read by JanObe
Alcibiades 7:39 Read by M.C.Y.
Lysander 5:29 Read by M.C.Y.
Socrates 8:23 Read by Leon Mire
Xenophon 7:56 Read by Philippa
Epaminondas and Pelopidas 6:57 Read by M.C.Y.
Philip of Macedonia 5:43 Read by Kristine Bekere
Alexander the Great 12:59 Read by Kristine Bekere
Demosthenes 11:20 Read by Beecher
Aristotle, Zeno, Diogenes and Apelles 6:06 Read by Philippa
Ptolemy 4:27 Read by Kristine Bekere
Pyrrhus 5:40 Read by Kristine Bekere
Cleomenes III 7:42 Read by Kristine Bekere
The Fall of Greece 4:15 Read by Kristine Bekere


Good book

(5 stars)

Good reading too, except for when English words are incorrectly pronounced to such a degree that the meaning of these words are lost. Here is room for improvement, at least for the kind lady with a possibly Slavic, maybe Russian, accent. Clear articulation is also much appreciated. Some readers are very helpful in that they read with a great ability to speak with the listener in mind.

kids book

(2 stars)

not for adults looking for more info on greek mythology. also uses roman names for greek myths.

(2 stars)

i know readers are volonteers but slavic accents are hard top understand.can you not get english

Ok book but very PG version of history/mythology.

(3 stars)

Enjoyable learning.

(5 stars)

I love this series. It makes history come alive through the lives of famous men. I have enjoyed listening to this series as I drive with my kids, and we have all learned a lot. The readers do a great job, although a few have accents that are hard for my kids to understand.

horrible writing

(4.5 stars)

the narrator did a great job.. but the author derided it was better to call all the Greek gods by the Roman names instead of the Greek names...


(5 stars)

Listen if you have a thick accent don't read for audiobooks. This Latina woman butchered literally every pronoun in the story.

e, eerie, but it was the last few days. the first one is a great

(5 stars)