Weird Tales Presents: Web of the Spider!

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My dear friends... Do you find that you suffer from the condition known as ARACHNOPHOBIA? Do you cower in fear at the feeling of those hairy little legs as they crawl slowly up your leg, a wisp of webbing in their wake? Do you spend sleepless nights shivering in horror at the idea of their sharp fangs sinking into your tender, soft flesh? Boy, do we have a collection of stories for you! From those madcap maniacs at Weird Tales magazine, we bring you eleven spine-tingling tales of arachnid terror that is sure to give you goosebumps! - Summary by Ben Tucker (6 hr 6 min)


The Hairy Monster by Neil Miller 29:10 Read by Chris Pyle
The City of Spiders by H. Warner Munn 1:09:20 Read by Ben Tucker
Fairy Gossamer by Harry Harrison Kroll 17:11 Read by BenjHartin
The Spider by Arthur Edwards Chapman 12:25 Read by marisad6
The Monster of the Pit by Paul S. Powers 29:46 Read by Chris Pyle
Spider-Bite by Robert S. Carr 54:51 Read by Ben Tucker
The Purple Cincture by H. Thompson Rich 23:44 Read by CoreyD
The Valley of the Spiders by H. G. Wells 22:42 Read by Inkell
The Strange Case of Pascal by Robert Eugene Ulmer 18:52 Read by marisad6
The Left Eye by Henry S. Whitehead 50:59 Read by BenjHartin
The Monster-God of Mamurth by Edmond Hamilton 37:52 Read by Ben Tucker


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