Weird Tales Double Feature: Kull of Valusia

Read by Ben Tucker

(4.5 stars; 12 reviews)

Before Conan the Barbarian, Robert E. Howard created Kull the Conqueror, revealed later by Howard to be an ancestor of Conan. Kull, like Conan is a vicious and bloodthirsty barbarian but in some ways is a more contemplative and thoughtful character. In these, the first two Kull stories Howard published, we find Kull dealing with a conspiracy to murder him by a race of shapeshifting lizard people in "The Shadow Kingdom" and we see Kull contemplating his place in the world and even his own reality as he becomes ensnared in the wicked plot of a magician in "The Mirrors of Tuzun Thume". Relish in the savagery of a Hyperborean Age of brutality and bloodlust with another double feature from the fine folks at Weird Tales magazine! - Summary by Ben Tucker (1 hr 31 min)