Short Ghost and Horror Collection 070

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(4.6 stars; 6 reviews)

This year's Halloween edition of Ghost and Horror Collection features 15 stories of a wide variety in length as in content! Short and long stories; well-known names in the genre, as well as lesser known; fictional accounts, along with accounts of events that really occurred; horrors to send shivers up your spine, but also ghosts that predict your future love life; and, of course, the terrible fate that nobody can escape, death... Have a spooky Halloween! (5 hr 30 min)


7B Coney Court 9:53 Read by Ben Tucker
Across The Threshold 17:02 Read by Michele Fry
Celia and the Ghost 21:35 Read by Laurie Wehmeyer
The Fearsome Touch of Death 14:15 Read by Cliff Stone
Haunted Houses - Castel a Mare 43:04 Read by Michele Fry
The Haunted Shanty 58:17 Read by Ben Tucker
The Lurking Fear 59:02 Read by Cliff Stone
The Manikin 9:26 Read by Ben Tucker
The Man Who Wanted To Be Safe 13:10 Read by Aileen
The Marmoset 13:55 Read by Dale Grothmann
Perdita 13:39 Read by Paula Messina
A Resumed Identity 15:39 Read by Dale Grothmann
Soul-Catcher 21:18 Read by Dale Grothmann
The Tell-tale Heart 14:22 Read by Raevyn Marlow
The Terrible Old Man 5:52 Read by Aaron Sproule


(5 stars)

great variety of stories and great readers.A real treat.