The Events of 1848, Especially in Their Relation to Great Britain

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The Events of 1848, Especially in Relation to Great Britain" by Richard Monckton Milnes is a historical work that delves into the tumultuous events of the year 1848, with a particular focus on their impact on Great Britain. Published in 1849, this book provides a comprehensive overview of the revolutionary wave that swept across Europe during that pivotal year.

Milnes examines how the spirit of revolution, driven by demands for political reform, economic change, and social justice, spread throughout Europe and triggered uprisings and protests. In Great Britain, while there were no widespread revolutions like in other European countries, there were significant movements for political reform and workers' rights. Milnes explores these movements, including the Chartist movement, which advocated for democratic reforms such as universal suffrage.

Milnes offers insights into the political climate, key figures, and the response of the British government to these demands for change. The book is a valuable historical account that sheds light on a crucial period of social and political upheaval in both Britain and Europe. (Summary by Bryn Roberts) (2 hr 0 min)


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(5 stars)

An excellent reading. The reader's voice is pleasant to listen to and subtly expressive, helping to bring out the arguments made.