Dastardly Criminals in Space (Ed Reads Short Sci-fi, vol. IV)

Read by Edmund Bloxam

(4.3 stars; 14 reviews)

Conspiracy on Callisto - Frederik Pohl
Revolt was flaring on Callisto, and Peter Duane held the secret that would make the uprising a success or failure. Yet he could make no move, could favor no side—his memory was gone—he didn't know for whom he fought!

Prison of a Billion Years -CH Thames
A prison that it is literally impossible to break free from? How could this be?

Watchbird - Robert Sheckley
Machines that can accurately predict when crimes will happen? What a great money spinner? But where's Tom Cruise when you need him?

The Incomplete Theft - Ralph Burke
A grand new spaceship, tech that could win the war for the thief's planet! Infiltrating the construction team leaves but one task...

The Barbarians - Tom Godwin
An intergalactic emperor finds dastardly HUMANS entering his space. What to do?

Bleekman’s Planet - Ivar Jorgensen
A retired cop wants a quiet retirement, so he chooses to emigrate to the most isolated inhabited planet of them all. Little does he know who's REALLY in charge down there...

The Inquisitor - Randall Garrett
A machine that can judge criminality? Well, if it's a machine, it MUST be flawless.

Traitor’s Choice - Paul W Fairman
A terrible dilemma: tech to destroy the world, or your wife.

Hunting License - James V. McConnell
We really ought to let the mega rich have their fun. And we can get rid of those nasty criminals at the same time. Morality? Nah.

Bratton’s Idea - Manly Wade Wellman
Hey, doll...wait, doll's don't talk...or shoot... - Summary by The Reader (5 hr 43 min)


'Conspiracy on Callisto' by Frederik Pohl 49:11 Read by Edmund Bloxam
'Prison of a Billion Years' by C.H. Thames 20:46 Read by Edmund Bloxam
'Watchbird' by Robert Sheckley 41:18 Read by Edmund Bloxam
'The Incomplete Theft' by Randall Garrett and Robert Silverberg 9:19 Read by Edmund Bloxam
'An Incident on Route 12' by James H. Schmitz 11:06 Read by Edmund Bloxam
'The Barbarians' by Tom Godwin 45:42 Read by Edmund Bloxam
'Pick a Crime' by Richard R. Smith 31:22 Read by Edmund Bloxam
'Bleekman's Planet' by Randall Garrett and Robert Silverberg 19:11 Read by Edmund Bloxam
'The Inquisitor' by Robert Silverberg 13:46 Read by Edmund Bloxam
'Traitors Choice' by Paul W. Fairman 18:44 Read by Edmund Bloxam
'Hunting License' by James V. McConnell 28:54 Read by Edmund Bloxam
'Bratton's Idea' by Manly Made Wellman 54:04 Read by Edmund Bloxam


Stories for old white males.

(5 stars)

Not appropriate for a modern audience. These interesting SF stories take place in a world entirely lacking gay nonbinary anal sex between BIPOCs and LatinX Americans. Only a NAZI could like these stories

highly recommend! great reader!

(5 stars)

Some of these sci fi shorts were quite outstanding. Edmund Bloxam is a phenomenal reader and made even the mediocre stories shine!

A fun collection with a couple of new (to me) stories.

(5 stars)

Fantastic reading

(4 stars)

it's a good line-up and well narrated.