The Further Adventures of Zorro

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(4.5 stars; 5 reviews)

The Further Adventures of Zorro is the sequel to The Mark of Zorro and sees the masked hero out to rescue the kidnapped Lolita Pulido. Swashbuckling pirates, high seas and dangerous challenges await but, as always, Zorro laughs in the face of danger. The heroes are heroic, the villains are villainous and, of course, the damsel in distress is beautiful.
No surprises, just pure escapism!

- Summary by LynneT (6 hr 59 min)


Part 1: LAND RATS AND WATER RATS. 19:14 Read by Chris Pyle
PEDRO THE BOASTER. 9:02 Read by Anita Hibbard
SUDDEN TURMOIL. 14:13 Read by Nancy Gorgen
FRAY FELIPE MAKES A VOW. 13:03 Read by Texasbookworm42
ZORRO TAKES THE TRAIL. 16:40 Read by Nancy Gorgen
ZORRO STRIKES. 9:03 Read by Donald Cummings
SEÑOR ZORRO’S DARING. 13:21 Read by Leylakatam
Part 2: THE GOBLET. 13:38 Read by HypocriticalHit
LOVE AND MYSTERY. 12:14 Read by Nancy Gorgen
A DEAD PIRATE. 13:09 Read by Jayjaysil
ZORRO WALKS THE PLANK. 22:37 Read by Nancy Gorgen
Part 3: TO THE RESCUE. 10:02 Read by amyspeaks
TRAGEDY AT A DISTANCE. 12:38 Read by Brize C
OUT OF THE DEPTHS. 12:22 Read by Brize C
A SHOW OF GRATITUDE. 17:32 Read by Brize C
Part 4: A WILD RIDE. 12:05 Read by RedCorsair
HOPE IS CRUSHED AGAIN. 19:30 Read by Anita Hibbard
DOUBLE-FACED. 12:42 Read by James K. White
THE UNEXPECTED. 11:30 Read by Brize C
FACE TO FACE. 8:59 Read by Jayjaysil
Part 5: A PRICE TO BE PAID. 12:32 Read by Brize C
THE SEÑORITA PLOTS ALSO. 13:41 Read by Brize C
INTO THE OPEN. 9:44 Read by Nancy Gorgen
AT THE PRESIDIO. 10:07 Read by Nancy Gorgen
HELPLESSNESS. 12:10 Read by Nancy Gorgen
Part 6: FRAY FELIPE USES HIS WIT. 22:21 Read by Gila Labinger Freeberg
UNEXPECTED HELP. 13:12 Read by Gila Labinger Freeberg
THE PLIGHT OF RUIZ. 11:33 Read by Gila Labinger Freeberg
FRAY FELIPE GETS HIS GOBLET. 9:10 Read by Nancy Gorgen
“MEAL MUSH AND GOAT’S MILK!” 12:30 Read by Nancy Gorgen