Stupendous Spectacles of the Solar System in Space (Ed Reads Short Sci-fi, vol.…

Read by Edmund Bloxam

(4.7 stars; 11 reviews)

'The Frogs of Mars' by Roger D Aycock
The little guy comes into the bar just as the first Marscast is about to start. He scoffs at scientific facts and keeps mumbling about...

'Prize Ship' by Philip K. Dick
On a mission to Ganymede, the crew of a powerful ship find the solar system or not? Let Philip K. Dick tell you.

‘The Aab’ by Edward W. Ludwig
A most valuable steal! But what would mother say?

‘The Dragon-Queen of Jupiter’ by Leigh Brackett
War! What is it good for?

‘Eight Million Dollars from Mars’ by Winston Marks
A perfect getaway! On a passenger liner to Mars! Now all he has to do is survive deep sleep...

‘In the Orbit of Saturn’ by R. F. Starzl
Pirates and rebels on the distant mining colonies of the moons of Saturn!

‘Song in a Minor Key’ by C. L. Moore
Dangerous treks through Mars and Venus. Now a crashed ship. Safe on Earth?

‘Vulcan’s Workshop’ by Harl Vincent
A horrific work camp on the edge of terror: the moons of Mercury!

‘Floor of Heaven’ by T. D. Hamm
The madness of space!

‘Martians, Keep Out!’ by Fritz Leiber
Hatred of the Martians was being deliberately exploited, and Scatterday knew why. And the only way to fight the enslavement of humans, was to assist the Martians, even though it meant risking lynch-law! - Summary by Ed (4 hr 44 min)


'The Frogs of Mars' by Roger Aycock 13:21 Read by Edmund Bloxam
'Prize Ship' by Philip K. Dick 38:36 Read by Edmund Bloxam
'The Aab' by Edward W. Ludwig 16:06 Read by Edmund Bloxam
'The Dragon-Queen of Jupiter' by Leigh Brackett 40:14 Read by Edmund Bloxam
'Eight Million Dollars From Mars' by Winston K. Marks 21:03 Read by Edmund Bloxam
'In the Orbit of Saturn' by R.F. Starzl 52:13 Read by Edmund Bloxam
'Song in a Minor Key' by C. L. Moore 4:57 Read by Edmund Bloxam
'Vulcan's Workshop' by Harl Vincent 52:06 Read by Edmund Bloxam
'Floor of Heaven' by T. D. Hamm 7:37 Read by Edmund Bloxam
'Martians, Keep Out!' by Fritz Leiber Jr. 38:13 Read by Edmund Bloxam