Five Little Peppers in the Little Brown House

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“What ever became of Polly Pepper’s famous Chicken Pie, and also Phronsie’s red-topped shoes?” the friends of the “Five Little Peppers” keep asking. “We have searched through all the Pepper Books, and cannot find them. Please give us those two stories again.”

At last all these requests are granted in this book, containing, first of all, those two stories that make the very beginning of all the records of the Pepper Family. Indeed, there wasn’t any Pepper Family before they were written; nor any Little Brown House, not a sign of one; nor any Badgertown even, till Margaret Sidney one day wrote “Polly Pepper’s Chicken Pie” and sent it to the Wide Awake Magazine.

And no one could be more astonished than was she—for the record was so simple—when the editor wrote for another one just like it. So “Phronsie Pepper’s New Shoes” was written.

And then—well, the editor wrote that the Wide Awake must have enough stories for one year, to be connected. So Margaret Sidney had to go regularly after that to the “Little Brown House” and write down all the records just as Mrs. Pepper and the Five Little Peppers told them to her, and then those insatiable editors wrote that they must have a book—nothing more nor less—because the children’s letters to them from all over the country demanded it. So that was the way it all began. And of course the two separate stories—the motif, as it were, for the book—had to be left out.

So here they are now in the post of honor—leading off in the very front of the volume, as is quite proper; the other stories (which are all just newly written expressly for this book) following humbly after in the wake of Phronsie’s red-topped shoes.

Summary from the Preface by Margaret Sidney (9 hr 5 min)


1 - Polly Pepper’s Chicken Pie 22:06 Read by helensears
2 - Phronsie’s New Shoes 26:19 Read by helensears
3 - The Little Tin Plate 47:54 Read by MooMin08
4 - In Deacon Blodgett’s Barn 32:28 Read by MooMin08
5 - Baking Day 32:07 Read by Joy Dunne
6 - The Little White Cat 36:38 Read by kaykay
7.1 - Spending the Day at the Beebes’ 22:57 Read by Yolanda K. Dégraff
7.2 - Spending the Day at the Beebes’ 25:41 Read by Yolanda K. Dégraff
8.1 - At the Peters Farm 19:52 Read by Yolanda K. Dégraff
8.2 - At the Peters Farm 24:22 Read by Yolanda K. Dégraff
9 - Over at Grandma Bascom’s 28:45 Read by Iona Muirgel
10 - The Stage Ride 34:08 Read by Iona Muirgel
11 - A Little Yellow Chicken 28:45 Read by Winnifred Assmann
12.1 - At the Parsonage 33:06 Read by Doreen Marcotte
12.2 - At the Parsonage 23:42 Read by Doreen Marcotte
13.1 - Company at the Little Brown House 32:03 Read by Shelly Weingart
13.2 - Company at the Little Brown House 23:06 Read by Shelly Weingart
14.1 - In Doctor Fisher’s Gig 30:41 Read by Shelly Weingart
14.2 - In Doctor Fisher’s Gig 20:52 Read by Shelly Weingart


Work of Genius

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Compelling and Captivating, the words quite literally leaped from my pc.