Fantastic Fables

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A collection of 245 short funny fables - Summary by Inkell (3 hr 15 min)


The Moral Principle and the Material Interest to The Critics 11:56 Read by Chris Pyle
The Foolish Woman to The Cat and the King 13:33 Read by Gila Labinger Freeberg
The Literary Astronomer to The Life-Savers 17:14 Read by Shelly Weingart
The Australian Grasshopper to Physicians Two 13:56 Read by Shelly Weingart
The Overlooked Factor to The Crew of the Life-boat 12:14 Read by jack2
A Treaty of Peace to The Power of the Scalawag 16:29 Read by Olga Geiling
At Largeā€”One Temper to Equipped for Service 13:48 Read by Olga Geiling
The Basking Cyclone to Fortune and the Fabulist 14:38 Read by Olga Geiling
A Smiling Idol to The Expatriated Boss 15:22 Read by Phil Baxter
An Inadequate Fee to The Massacre 11:40 Read by Daniel Glover
A Ship and a Man to The Man and the Bird 11:00 Read by George Banfield
From the Minutes to The Dutiful Son 12:31 Read by marisad6
Aesopus Emendatus: Part 1 7:21 Read by laurakgibbs
Aesopus Emendatus: Part 2 7:39 Read by laurakgibbs
Aesopus Emendatus: Part 3 7:41 Read by laurakgibbs
Old Saws with New Teeth 8:26 Read by Inkell