Short Poetry Collection 252

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

This is a collection of 39 poems read in English by LibriVox volunteers during May 2024. (1 hr 26 min)


Advice to a Clam Digger 4:08 Read by Larry Wilson
Afterglow 0:33 Read by Newgatenovelist
After Rainfall 0:56 Read by Newgatenovelist
All the world’s a stage 2:02 Read by Katherine
Armenian Love Song 0:52 Read by Larry Wilson
The Autumn Wind 0:54 Read by minneapolis
Ballade of a Friar 1:48 Read by Ike Sherr
Choose 0:35 Read by mleigh
Christabel: Caetus Dulces, Valete 1:43 Read by Elsie Selwyn
The Cumberland 3:15 Read by Alan Mapstone
Death's Spectre 1:31 Read by Bruce Kachuk
Distance 0:59 Read by Bruce Kachuk
Elegy on Newstead Abbey 11:40 Read by Alan Mapstone
Flood 0:40 Read by minneapolis
A Friend's Hand In Mine, Lads 1:30 Read by Elsie Selwyn
Give Beauty All Her Right 1:02 Read by Public Domain Scholar
The Heart of Spring 1:38 Read by Elsie Selwyn
The Host of the Air 2:08 Read by Winston Tharp
In Flanders Fields 1:07 Read by Mireille
Killers 1:44 Read by mleigh
The Listeners 2:00 Read by Winston Tharp
The Lover for Shamefastness Hideth his Desire within his Faithful Heart 1:39 Read by Alan Mapstone
Love's Idolatry 1:31 Read by MoonLylith
Nightingale to the Lark 0:41 Read by Newgatenovelist
Nocturne in a Deserted Brickyard 0:46 Read by mleigh
Ode to a Brook 1:06 Read by Bruce Kachuk
An Old House 2:05 Read by Dale Grothmann
The Other Side of the Valley 0:37 Read by minneapolis
Preludes 2:43 Read by Ehsan Ahmed Mehedi
The Raven 9:11 Read by Katherine
Republic and Motherland 1:58 Read by Greg
Slumber Songs 1:18 Read by Mireille
Song to the Evening Star 1:09 Read by Ike Sherr
Sport 0:45 Read by Winston Tharp
To W. E. Burghardt Du Bois 1:10 Read by Larry Wilson
Upon Lesbia - Arguing 2:01 Read by Ike Sherr
A Visit From Saint Nicholas 3:32 Read by Katherine
Well? 9:33 Read by Steve C
Where She Her Sacred Bower Adorns 1:53 Read by Public Domain Scholar