The Story of Abraham Lincoln

Read by John Lieder

(4.5 stars; 531 reviews)

In this biography for young adults, Mary A. Hamilton gives a British person’s perspective on the 16th President of the United States. A glowing tribute to “Honest Abe”, the author traces Lincoln’s ancestral roots and recounts his birth in Kentucky, his youth in Indiana, his adult life in Illinois and his years in the White House. She also provides a good background on the causes and course of the American Civil War.

Hamilton is not always historically precise. For example, she erroneously names Jefferson Davis as the Southern Democratic candidate for president running against Lincoln and Douglas in 1860 rather than John C. Breckinridge. However, overall “The Story of Abraham Lincoln” is a good summarization and interesting account of the life, values and politics of Lincoln.

Cautions: Chapter 7 contains a single use of an epithet for African-Americans in a quotation from a British magazine. Chapter 8 ends with an example of a stereotypical Southern black dialect which many may find offensive. (Summary by John Lieder.) (2 hr 36 min)


Boyhood 19:54 Read by John Lieder
The Young Backwoodsman 17:29 Read by John Lieder
Slavery 18:32 Read by John Lieder
Lincoln the Lawyer 17:47 Read by John Lieder
Defeat of the Little Giant 20:32 Read by John Lieder
The New President and Secession 15:11 Read by John Lieder
The War 19:59 Read by John Lieder
Victory 13:52 Read by John Lieder
"Oh Captain! My Captain" 13:09 Read by John Lieder


I was wrong

(5 stars)

Whenever i see racial issues in America, I always tell my 16 years old daughter that "I don't think Americans will be proud of their history". But this book changes everything. One man's struggle shaped the country and his life brought tears to my eyes. I am an Indo-canadian.


(0.5 stars)

Absolutely horrible, the things that people claim as 'truth'. If you want to read a real history of this man or ANY historical figure, go to the lobrary and read only the older books that were written during the era in which the individual lived.

(0.5 stars)

if you like half truths and lying to children to make a man look good this is the book for you. how people do a bio while skipping everything bad they did is beyond me

Good insight

(4 stars)

A good book, short, well articulated with honest assessments and reports on the life of one of the greatest men in American history.

A good First step

(5 stars)

Now I am intrigued, to know more, to understand Mr. Lincoln more closely. This is a really nice narration voice is clear thought in chapter 5 or 6 sound quality is little down but overall a book with good content and quality.

Very good.

(5 stars)

Very good. The reader had a very good, clear voice. I really enjoyed listening to this and I learnt a lot about Abraham Lincoln. Thank you. :-)

(5 stars)

Simple and brief and glowing overview of the life of Lincoln. I was entertained and learned a fair deal about this extraordinary and humble leader.

Very enjoyable

(5 stars)

An inspirational relating of Abraham Lincoln's life. Mary A Hamilton wrote it beautifully and John Lieder records it in a masterful way.