Secret Agent X-9: BBC Radio Full-Cast Drama

(4.1 stars; 4 reviews)

Secret Agent X-9 was a comic strip created by writer Dashiell Hammett (The Maltese Falcon) and artist Alex Raymond (Flash Gordon). Syndicated by King Features, it originally ran from January 22, 1934 until October 1936 X-9 was a nameless agent who worked for a nameless agency. X-9 used the name "Dexter" in the first story ("It's not my name, but it'll do") and kept using it or being called by it in later stories. A radio drama, featuring Secret Agent X-9 was broadcast on BBC Radio 5 in January 1994.  It's 1934 and a New York warehouse is ablaze on the Lower East Side. A gang of gun-runners are holed-up until their supply of ammo explodes.  Tough-nut hero, Secret Agent X-9 receives a phone call from wealthy industrialist, Tarleton Powers asking for his help. X-9 ...... Stuart Milligan Grace Powers ...... Connie Booth The Top ...... William Hootkins Evelyn Powers ...... Rachel Power Deacon ...... Peter Marinker Matthew ...... Michael John Paliotti Captain Brady ...... John Guerrasio Jude ...... Bruce McGregor Cop 1 ...... Clive Rowe Waitress / Sister Agnes ... Miranda Pleasance Dramatised in four parts by Mark Brisenden Producer Chris Wallis First broadcast on BBC Radio 5 in January 1994

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poor writing

(2 stars)

it's as of the writer never had interactions with humans in his life. the main character is a sociopath. as an American i can tell this was adapted by the British due to a complete and utter lack of knowledge of guns and American culture. The Americans are insultingly clownish charicatures. contemperary American radio broadcasts were more grounded and believable.