A Little Servant

Read by Esther

(4.7 stars; 202 reviews)

A short story of a little girl who is Jesus' servant and how she won the heart of an unbelieving gardener. Summary by Esther (0 hr 53 min)


Chapter 1 14:09 Read by Esther
Chapter 2 13:11 Read by Esther
Chapter 3 14:17 Read by Esther
Chapter 4 11:36 Read by Esther


Short, powerful, and one with which I was unfamiliar.

(4.5 stars)

Very moving story of a little girl and the rough gardener she befriends. Over the months they grow to be close friends and he accepts the Lord as his personal saviour. I'll not spoil the story for you so will say no more. Esther, the narrator, did an excellent job reading this! She changed voices well and really brought the story to life. :-) Thank you!

5 stars

(5 stars)

a sweet and moving story. the only book I can compare is called The Progical Son which is on here. not Prodigal like u would think.


(4 stars)

a sweet simple story for illustrating the best perspective of life, namely the need and sufficiency of the gospel.

a little servant

(5 stars)

touching and inspiring--one is never too young not too old to do God's work on earth

Sweet, it softened my heart

(5 stars)

I have been struggling with a difficult thing and this helped so much.

Good for falling asleep

(5 stars)

For my purposes of falling asleep at night this is a good help!

(5 stars)

😥 sad, but very inspiring, a reminder to use your life for God, His work.

(5 stars)

Every child should read or hear this endearing story. I should be considered a classic