Spirits in Bondage

Read by Robert Garrison

(4.5 stars; 116 reviews)

Spirits in Bondage is C.S. Lewis’s first book and the first of his works to be available in the public domain. It was released in 1919 under the pseudonym of Clive Hamilton and was written in a period of darker thought for C.S. Lewis than was later evidenced in his Christian apologist writings.

The darkness of the verse is most evident in Part One (The Prison House), begins to change in the short transitional Part Two (Hesitation) and attains a more hopeful tone in the final Part Three (Escape). Yet a dreamy effect, influenced by Celtic and Druid mythology, persists throughout.

Spirits in Bondage consists of forty poems that provide an intriguing insight into the youthful heart of C.S. Lewis and occasionally provides interesting lyrical foreshadowing of some of the landscapes portrayed in his famous Chronicles of Narnia series.
(Summary by Robert Garrison) (1 hr 17 min)


French Nocturne 41:17 Read by Robert Garrison
L'Apprenti Sorcier 6:58 Read by Robert Garrison
Song Of The Pilgrims 29:39 Read by Robert Garrison



(4.5 stars)

I absolutely adore the narrator. he is perfect for this kind of poetry. there is something melancholic over his voice and way of reading that is so suitable. he should read E.A.Poe as well!

Spirits in Bondage - C.S.Lewis

(5 stars)

I had no idea that this book existed. It is very different from his apologist writings. A "must listen" for any Lewis fan. Well read by a single reader.

Beautiful poetry

(5 stars)

I read The Chronicles of Narnia first, and then Mere Christianity which were both wonderful, but this was a beautiful glance into his early genius. I didn't expect it, but I realized the ideas, questions, and images in this little book absolutely are utilized by him again in Narnia. Lovely, rewarding, and a short listen.

(4 stars)

The wonderful Christian theologian CS Lewis is here revealed as a Saul, only later to be converted to Paul. It is a relief to know that this intelligent but tortured soul here, eventually found joyous salvation in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

(5 stars)

Very different than his other writings. reflecting his time in the trenches of WW1. Good reader also.

This was a side of C. S. Lewis I have not know of.

(4 stars)

(4 stars)

Reader was perfection. The book was not what you might expect From Lewis

I had never heard his poems before. They were refreshing

(5 stars)