Short Poetry Collection 071

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

This is a collection of poems for the month of September 2008. (0 hr 54 min)


A Boy 0:58 Read by Ernst Pattynama
Autumn 1:13 Read by Ernst Pattynama
Away with Funeral Music 0:27 Read by meterfan1
Bellbirds 3:27 Read by angela26
Clarck Street Bridge 1:26 Read by Kivanc Atmaca
The Damp 1:32 Read by Jessica Louise
A Day for Wandering 1:24 Read by Logan McCamon
Dedication 1:04 Read by Shona
The Despairing Lover 1:14 Read by Philippa
Oh! How I love on a fair summer's eve 1:14 Read by Sergio Baldelli
Fire and Ice 0:38 Read by David Federman
To a Friend who Sent me some Roses 1:27 Read by Sergio Baldelli
The Good-Morrow 1:37 Read by Julie VW
Goodnight 0:55 Read by meterfan1
The Harbor 1:18 Read by Kivanc Atmaca
Horace Ode IV. 7 1:36 Read by Michael Dalling
I Am 1:23 Read by Matt
I Am 1:34 Read by Rhonda Federman
Life 2:11 Read by Michael Thomas Robinson
Mending Wall 2:25 Read by Logan McCamon
Mourn Not the Dead 0:58 Read by Jeremiah Britt
October 1:24 Read by Anne Cheng
The Raven 9:51 Read by David Federman
Remember 1:08 Read by Julie VW
Seed Time and Harvest 1:53 Read by Ian Hatley
Silvia 1:17 Read by Michael Thomas Robinson
The Song Against Grocers 2:12 Read by Tracy Yonemoto
A Sonnet of the Moon 1:15 Read by Rhonda Federman
Sun up 0:58 Read by Shona
To Autumn 2:00 Read by Michael Dalling
Trees 0:47 Read by woggy298
Twa Corbies 0:55 Read by Sean O'Hara
Untitled 1:07 Read by Jessica Louise