Summa Theologica - 02 Pars Prima, Trinity and Creation

Read by Jim Ruddy

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The Summa Theologica (or the Summa Theologiae or simply the Summa, written 1265–1274) is the most famous work of Thomas Aquinas although it was never finished. It was intended as a manual for beginners as a compilation of all of the main theological teachings of that time. It summarizes the reasonings for almost all points of Christian theology in the West, which, before the Protestant Reformation, subsisted solely in the Roman Catholic Church. The Summa's topics follow a cycle: the existence of God, God's creation, Man, Man's purpose, Christ, the Sacraments, and back to God. (Summary adapted from the Wikipedia)

This is part two of six parts of the Pars Prima, consisting of questions regarding the Trinity and Creation. (10 hr 41 min)


27 - The Procession of the Divine Persons 28:58 Read by Jim Ruddy
28 - The Divine Relations 27:04 Read by Jim Ruddy
29 - The Divine Persons 34:24 Read by Jim Ruddy
30 - The Plurality of Persons in God 26:17 Read by Jim Ruddy
31 - Of What Belongs to the Unity or Plurality in God 24:16 Read by Jim Ruddy
32 - The Knowledge of the Divine Persons 29:36 Read by Jim Ruddy
33 - Of the Person of the Father 23:06 Read by Jim Ruddy
34 - Of the Person of the Son 22:52 Read by Jim Ruddy
35 - Of The Image 8:02 Read by Jim Ruddy
36 - Of the Person of the Holy Ghost 34:51 Read by Jim Ruddy
37 - Of the Name of the Holy Ghost--Love 16:10 Read by Jim Ruddy
38 - Of the Name of the Holy Ghost , as Gift 9:00 Read by Jim Ruddy
39 - Of the Persons in Relation to the Essence 54:00 Read by Jim Ruddy
40 - Of the Persons as Compared to the Relations or Properties 25:54 Read by Jim Ruddy
41 - Of the Persons in Relation to the Notional Acts 36:55 Read by Jim Ruddy
42 - Of Equality and Likeness Among the Divine Persons 37:15 Read by Jim Ruddy
43 - The Mission of the Divine Persons 41:28 Read by Jim Ruddy
44 - The Procession of Creatures from God, and of the First Cause of All Things 20:59 Read by Jim Ruddy
45 - The Mode of Emanation of Things from the First Principle 43:31 Read by Jim Ruddy
46 - Of the Beginning of the Duration of Creatures 30:58 Read by Jim Ruddy
47 - Of the Distinction of Things in General 18:10 Read by Jim Ruddy
48 - The Distinction of Things in Particular 29:32 Read by Jim Ruddy
49 - The Cause of Evil 18:33 Read by Jim Ruddy


Consistently Great

(5 stars)

After listening to the first part of Pars Prima, I was hopeful that the quality would continue to be top notch. And i was not disappointed

Great job on reading and recording the text.

(5 stars)

A little hard to follow it this way since this requires a lot of thought and reflection.