Present at a Hanging and Other Ghost Stories

Read by Peter Yearsley

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Ambrose Bierce (1842 - 1914?), satirist, critic, poet, short story writer and journalist. His fiction showed a clean economical style often sprinkled with subtle cynical comments on human behaviour. Nothing is known of his death, as he went missing while an observer with Pancho Villa’s army in 1913/14.
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The Ways of Ghosts: Stories of encounters with the ghosts of the dead and dying. The spirits of the dead reach out to the living, to pass on a message or to pursue a killer.
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Soldier Folk: Oddities of death and life; from a man who finds that his death is uncertain, through the effects of war on the family, duty that survives death, to the memory of revenge.
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Some Haunted Houses - Part One: Encounters of the living with the spirits of the dead who have been bound into buildings. An old man revenges himself; a journalist investigates a haunted house; and the quivering vine that tangles the face of a deserted home.

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Some Haunted Houses - Part Two: Houses where the living are never seen again, memories of the mortuary live on, and a murdered man wanders through.
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Mysterious Disappearances: Three short tales of men who have vanished living their ordinary lives, sometimes in full view of witnesses; plus a short, probably fictional, description of a theory to partly explain these events.
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The Ways of Ghosts 21:16 Read by Peter Yearsley
Soldier Folk 25:46 Read by Peter Yearsley
Some Haunted Houses - Part One 26:11 Read by Peter Yearsley
Some Haunted Houses - Part Two 31:57 Read by Peter Yearsley
Mysterious Disappearances 16:20 Read by Peter Yearsley


Truly great

(5 stars)

Ah, Ambrose, if only you hadn't gone south...

Master Storyteller!

(5 stars)

More great horror tales by Ambrose Bierce. Mr Bierce has few equals in the short horror story genre. Anyone who enjoys this kind of a tale surely won't be disappointed! As is the way with Mr Yearsley, superbly read!

(4 stars)

Mr. Yearsley with a calm and hypnotic tone has done a great job in reading these stories. It makes all the difference!

Excellent stories and excellent reading

(5 stars)

These were riveting stories, and they held my attention. A few were really quite chilling. The narrator has a very pleasant manner and sounds quite a bit like Michael Cain.

finding Peter Yearsley

(5 stars)

I’m an author and trying to find a way to reach Peter Yearsley to try and collaborate on a project. He is the reader in this audiobook and I want him to consider reading one of my books. If anyone knows how I can get in touch, I’d be grateful if you could tag him in this post. My contact is RoyMaloy4 on T’Tock and “Roy Maloy Aurhor” on F’book.

(5 stars)

Superb Storyteller.. Ambrose Bierce's tales of hauntings & disappearances are amazing. They always leave you with a thought about the supernatural. It makes you wonder..That's how ghost stories should be! Bravo Ambrose Bierce!!!

(4 stars)

Peter Yearsley,excellent as always . Librivox is a treasure., and available to all. Thank you.

Best ghost and horror story reader on Librivox

(5 stars)

Keep up the great work, Mr. Yearsley.