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The Heroides, also known as the Heroines, the Letters of the Heroines or simply as Epistles are a very famous collection of poems by Ovid, not only for their interesting subject - letters by famous mythological characters addressed to their beloved ones - but also because it's considered by some the first example of the Epistle as a literary genre - a statement made by Ovid himself in his Ars Amatoria. The book as we have it nowadays consists of 21 letters, divided in two parts. The first is composed of fifteen letters presented as if written by a female mythological character to her lover; the second part, also known as Double Heroides, brings three pairs of letters, being the first in each pair supposedly written by a hero, and the second one, the heroine's response to the first letter. Along the Metamorphoses and the Ars Amatoria, the Heroides were one of the most influential works of Ovid, not only in the Antiquity, but also throughout the Middle Ages and up to Modern times. (Summary by Leni) (5 hr 14 min)


01 - Penelope to Ulysses 9:56 Read by Julie VW
02 - Phyllis to Demophoon 11:28 Read by Anna Simon
03 - Briseis to Achilles 12:53 Read by Philippa
04 - Phaedra to Hippolytus 11:28 Read by Kalynda
05 - Oenone to Paris 12:03 Read by Julie VW
06 - Hypsipyle to Jason 12:14 Read by Anna Simon
07 - Dido to Aeneas 16:20 Read by Julie VW
08 - Hermione to Orestes 9:13 Read by SopranoHarmony
09 - Deianira to Hercules 12:26 Read by MorganScorpion
10 - Ariadne to Theseus 13:07 Read by Kristin Hughes (1974-2021)
11 - Canace to Macareus 9:33 Read by Anna Simon
12 - Medea to Jason 15:37 Read by Leni
13 - Laodamia to Protesilaus 12:17 Read by Ransom
14 - Hypermnestra to Lynceus 12:13 Read by Julie VW
15 - Sappho to Phaon 16:06 Read by Anna Simon
16 - Paris to Helen 32:47 Read by Graham Redman
17 - Helen to Paris 20:37 Read by Philippa
18 - Leander to Hero 21:43 Read by Andrew Coleman
19 - Hero to Leander 16:50 Read by Julie VW
20 - Acontius to Cydippe 18:22 Read by woggy298
21 - Cydippe to Acontius 17:23 Read by Kalynda


I will listen to this again and again.

(5 stars)

I picked this randomly and am happy I did. These letters are full of passion and are a must read for every romantic soul.