Short Science Fiction Collection 008

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(4 stars; 83 reviews)

This volume of the LibriVox Science-Fiction Collection is devoted to Alan E. Nourse (1928-1992). Nourse became a science fiction writer to help pay for his medical education, but eventually retired from practicing medicine to pursue his writing career. This reader-selected collection presents ten of his short stories which were published between 1954 and 1963. Extensive research by Project Gutenberg volunteers did not uncover any evidence that the U.S. copyright on these publications were renewed. Please consider this a brief sampling of Nourse's full range, and have fun buying and borrowing his other works.

Summary adapted from Wikipedia by Cori Samuel. (4 hr 59 min)


Circus 19:34 Read by Daniele
The Coffin Cure 29:40 Read by James Christopher
Letter of the Law 42:54 Read by Daniele
The Link 36:28 Read by woggy298
Meeting of the Board 35:32 Read by Corey M. Snow
My Friend Bobby 21:52 Read by Mooseboy Alfonzo
The Native Soil 46:56 Read by Larissa Little
An Ounce of Cure 10:54 Read by Hector
PRoblem 28:32 Read by RainyDayNinja
Second Sight 27:19 Read by Allegra


really good

(5 stars)

well done even with thick accents

C. B

(1 stars)

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good stories

(3.5 stars)

Most of the readers were very good; however, one was difficult to understand and made many mistakes in pronunciation, e.g., bowel for bowl, and mispronounced “live” in the context in which it was used in the story.

Short Science Fiction Collection 008

(5 stars)

Stories are a good listen and well read - Thanks!

Loving it!

(5 stars)

Wonderful stories. Thank the volunteers for bringing these to life.

perfectly understandable

(4 stars)

Accent yes but English is excellent and pronunciation superb.

one of the readers half mumbles with a heavy accent.

(2 stars)

(3 stars)

If you can't pronounce it don't volunteer. the Frenchman's accent on some of the stories was too thick. I barely understood what the man was saying sometimes, well spoken but his pronunciation of many words was so off it didn't even make sense.