The Flaming Jewel

Read by Wyatt

(4.3 stars; 10 reviews)

During the last two years, Fate, Chance, and Destiny had been too busy to attend to Mike Clinch. But now his turn was coming in the Eternal Sequence of things. The stars in their courses indicated the beginning of the undoing of Mike Clinch. In the North Woods, mayhem ensues as three parties vie for possession of the Flaming Jewel.

Become immersed in the chasing and slinking to determine who will possess this famed jewel. Better than typical adventure writing magnificently describe the 19th Century Northeastern US in this great novel. (Summary by Wyatt Erickson) (6 hr 12 min)


01 – Eve 35:35 Read by Wyatt
02 – The Ruling Passion 31:46 Read by Wyatt
03 – On Star Peak 26:43 Read by Wyatt
04 – A Private War 26:03 Read by Wyatt
05 – Drowned Valley 24:25 Read by Wyatt
06 – The Jewel Aflame 33:44 Read by Wyatt
07 – Clinch’s Dump 31:38 Read by Wyatt
08 – Cup and Lip 32:31 Read by Wyatt
09 – The Forest and Mr. Sard 39:03 Read by Wyatt
10 – The Twilight of Mike 33:27 Read by Wyatt
11 – The Place of Pines 30:48 Read by Wyatt
12 – Her Highness Intervenes 27:03 Read by Wyatt


(5 stars)

Thanks to LibriVox Robert Chambers has become one of my favourite authors. Thoroughly enjoyed this reading. Thank you

(5 stars)

An melodramatic tale of love, robbery, and murder. Well read by Wyatt.