Short Story Collection Vol. 006

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(4.5 stars; 25 reviews)

LibriVox's Short Story Collection 006: a collection of 20 short essays and fiction in the public domain read by a variety of LibriVox members. (8 hr 14 min)


The Adventure of the Dying Detective 34:44 Read by Zachary Brewster-Geisz
After Twenty Years 7:11 Read by Dave Ranson
Araby 17:32 Read by Linda Wilcox
The Cask of Amontillado 16:52 Read by Juho Fröjd
A Child’s Dream of a Star 6:44 Read by Maria Morabe
Confession 28:52 Read by Sandra in Wales, United Kingdom
The Damned Thing 21:18 Read by Greg Elmensdorp
The Door in the Wall 49:25 Read by Peter Eastman
Facts Concerning The Late Arthur Jermyn and His Family 21:32 Read by Glen Hallstrom
The Invisible Girl 32:44 Read by Esther
The Last Lesson 11:14 Read by Dexnell Peters
The Leopard Man's Story 9:01 Read by Sandra in Wales, United Kingdom
Little Boy Blue 18:22 Read by Westwinds12
Love of Life 51:00 Read by Sandra in Wales, United Kingdom
Maddened by Mystery 16:24 Read by William Coon
A Mountain Woman 36:06 Read by Betsie Bush
My Financial Career 5:23 Read by Dave Ranson
The Ransom of Red Chief 31:20 Read by Catharine Eastman
Rappaccini’s Daughter 1:14:21 Read by Becky Miller
A Sketch of Mateship 4:40 Read by Linda Wilcox