Initiative Psychic Energy

Read by Audio Andrea

(4.4 stars; 683 reviews)

Learn how to accomplish your goals through increasing your mental power, avoiding energy drains, and becoming more mentally efficient. (Summary by Andrea Fiore.) (1 hr 5 min)


Mental Second Wind 10:37 Read by Audio Andrea
Reserves of Power 12:56 Read by Audio Andrea
The Initiative Energy Of Success 9:23 Read by Audio Andrea
How to Avoid Wastes that Drain the Energy of Succes 21:55 Read by Audio Andrea
The Secret Of Mental Efficiency 10:29 Read by Audio Andrea


(4 stars)

very interesting book I will listen to it again when I have time to really focus.

A great interesting amazingly well read by my girl Andrea F.

(5 stars)

X excellent

(5 stars)

excellent reading I will recommend it to everyone

(5 stars)

I felt as though the narrator knew me personally and studied my every thought, move and motive. Fantastic read! My business will flourish more now with these new perspectives in mind. I am a fitness instructor, coach (various sports) and a psychology student. If you have Instagram, follow me @empress_of_fitness. This is where I display details about my business, etc.


(5 stars)

very nice voice and easy understand special thanks reader

Good book

(5 stars)

Good introductory book with a nice reading

I only got five chapter s where's the rest

(3 stars)

have no idea what im reviewing

(1 stars)

I tried to open a book and it's asking me to review it. I tried opening this book again, at a much later date, and the same thing happened again. So again, I am giving my review of a an audiobook that I am unable to hear. But I have learned from my experience that my Psychic Energy revealed to me, that I know what will happen in the future if I try it again.