The Watsons

Read by Gesine

(4.2 stars; 204 reviews)

This fragment of a novel was written by Jane Austen in 1804 and remained untitled and unpublished until her nephew James Edward Austen-Leigh printed it in his A Memoir of Jane Austen in 1871. The title is from him.

Mr Watson is a widowed clergyman with two sons and four daughters. The youngest daughter, Emma, has been brought up by a wealthy aunt and is consequently better educated and more refined than her sisters. But when her aunt contracts a foolish second marriage, Emma is obliged to return to her father's house. There she is chagrined by the crude and reckless husband-hunting of two of her twenty-something sisters.
(Summary from Gesine and Wikipedia) (1 hr 48 min)


Part 1 26:51 Read by Gesine
Part 2 23:17 Read by Gesine
Part 3 15:42 Read by Gesine
Part 4 8:48 Read by Gesine
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I wish there was more

(5 stars)

Everything that Jane Austen wrote has her characteristic narrative. Which I love! I wish we had more Jane Austen novels.

More, please!

(5 stars)

What a teaser left for us unfinished by Jane! It leaves you wanting more, please!

(5 stars)

wonderful as expected of Jane Austen! my heart jump at the end of it in spite of knowing beforehand that it was unfinished!

(4 stars)

not her best work, but it is but a draft or fragment. a shame there is no more of it. well read.

the watsons

(4 stars)

short but true style of author..enjoyed yet also would have liked the novel finished.

Classic Jane Austen

(5 stars)

Perfect reader for this partial work. I was drawn in immediately!

(4 stars)

Well worth a listen, especially for those most prizing Austen’s works.

(3.5 stars)

Well read, and not bad for a fragment of a novel.