Captain Jim

Read by wendy

(4.5 stars; 19 reviews)

This book is about Norah Linton, her brother Jim, her father David and Jim's chum Wally from Australia. They all move to England during WWI because Jim and Wally want to fight in the war.

When a Irish friend of the family dies, Norah inherits a big house in Surrey: Homewood. To keep up the Irishman's memory they want to use the house to help the war effort. They turn it into a home for "Tired People"--soldiers recovering from injuries, or soldiers on leave that have no family to go home to, can come here to have a good time and enjoy the country-side, so that they can go back to their regiments fully rested and restored.

Unfortunately Jim and Wally are soon called upon to fight, leaving Norah and her father to take care of the Tired People. (Summary by wendy) (10 hr 26 min)


01 - John O'Neill's Legacy 27:36 Read by wendy
02 - The Home for Tired People 36:49 Read by wendy
03 - Of London and Other Matters 39:10 Read by wendy
04 - Settling In 26:44 Read by wendy
05 - How the Cook-Lady Found her Level 28:19 Read by wendy
06 - Kidnapping 28:48 Read by wendy
07 - The Thatched Cottage 20:34 Read by wendy
08 - Assorted Guests 50:47 Read by wendy
09 - Homewood Gets Busy 26:12 Read by wendy
10 - Australia in Surrey 28:23 Read by wendy
11 - Cheero! 17:47 Read by wendy
12 - Of Labour and Promotion 29:21 Read by wendy
13 - The End of a Perfect Day 34:09 Read by wendy
14 - Carrying On 26:07 Read by wendy
15 - Prisoners and Captives 33:22 Read by wendy
16 - Through the Darkness 43:00 Read by wendy
17 - Lights Out 44:03 Read by wendy
18 - The Watch on the Rhine 27:10 Read by wendy
19 - Reveille 29:44 Read by wendy
20 - All Clear 28:28 Read by wendy


Much enjoyed

(4 stars)

I'm surprised how much I enjoyed this book. It's a simple story, but it really pulled me in and I developed a great affection for the characters. Listeners should remember the time frame in which it was written. I had a few "ouch" moments when characters said things that we would consider rather sexist or racist. Many thanks to the narrator for her excellent reading. I loved her accent, even though it meant I couldn't quite catch every word.

(5 stars)

Thanks for a great recording. I have listened twice. Hoping to get more Billabong books on Librivox. I didn't know of this author until I heard them here. 5 stars for both story and reader.


(5 stars)

Well done. Excellent plot of a time gone by. Thank you

Nice story

(3 stars)

Good book. Constant mispronounced words distracting.