The Superstition of Divorce

Read by Ray Clare

(4.6 stars; 78 reviews)

This short book was written in 1920, and in it Chesterton, with his usual wit and incisive logic, presents a series of articles defending marriage and indicating the weaknesses in divorce. He did this 16 years before the first Christian denomination in the world allowed its members to divorce. Till then Christendom was unanimous in standing against it. Chesterton saw clearly the trends of this time, and delivered this defense. (Summary by Ray Clare) (2 hr 36 min)


Introduction & Chapter 1 15:51 Read by Ray Clare
Chapter 2 20:11 Read by Ray Clare
Chapter 3 11:30 Read by Ray Clare
Chapter 4 10:18 Read by Ray Clare
Chapter 5 24:08 Read by Ray Clare
Chapter 6 23:49 Read by Ray Clare
Chapter 7 24:31 Read by Ray Clare
Chapter 8 20:49 Read by Ray Clare
Chapter 9 5:14 Read by Ray Clare


(5 stars)

Chesterton assumed his book would not be successful and it wasn't and it is all the more reason to read it today.

Still Relevant

(4.5 stars)

Eternal truths hold, even over decades. This "booklet" as he described it, sets out solid arguments to sustain family units in order to maintain a balanced power within and across societies. Not a strongly religious argument as I'd anticipated, but full of wry observations and humor of paradox typical of his writing. I didn't notice the reader, which gives him a 5 star rating for a job well done.

(5 stars)

this book provides very good arguments against divorce and our society's tendency to reject the sanctity of marriage. readers will have to look past some ways of thinking that are abhorrent to people today, like attitudes towards jews and expectations of the lower classes.

Great Defense

(5 stars)

Chesterton gives a great, and, I believe, a timeless defense of Marriage and the Family. Worth listening to, especially for the Married, newly Married or soon to be Married- as well as those considering Divorce.

A Prophetic Work

(3.5 stars)

Chesterton wrote: "The obvious result of frivolous divorce will be frivolous marriage." How very right he was. Good job by reader and Librovox

(4 stars)

Much of it was over my head but it was well read. Men do not think like this anymore and that is a shame.

something to consider

(3.5 stars)

an important hearing. a tad dry to non thinkers, but serious food for thought.

very convicting and logical defense of the sanctity of marriage

(5 stars)