Silas Marner

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Silas Marner (originally published in 1861): Betrayed by a beloved friend and accused of a crime he didn’t commit, awkward Silas Marner is expelled from his beloved religious community — the only community he has ever known. He exiles himself in the remote village of Raveloe. Friendless and without family, set apart from the villagers by their superstition and fear of him, he plies his weaving trade day after day, storing up gold which becomes his idol. When his gold is stolen, he is rescued from despair by the arrival on his lonely hearth of a beautiful little girl, whom he adopts, and through whom he and the other people of the village learn that loving relationships are more fulfilling than material wealth. (Summary by rachelellen) (6 hr 46 min)


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charming story

(5 stars)

This is a good reading. I ended up switching to this version from version 2 only due this being done in American English which is easier for me to take in. The story itself is rich and engaging. I enjoyed it.


(4.5 stars)

I had to read this in the ninth grade. I enjoyed it a lot more this time. Perhaps it was the great narration. I recommend it.

(5 stars)

Inviting narration. Excelent intonation ( I hope that's the right word) as the conversation went from person to person and male to female etc. Eliot has incredible insight into human nature....the good and the bad. And her allusion to scripture is powerful and fitting. And her observation of the divine through the foibles of the folk of her day both reflects profound truths and the errors of simplicity apparent in her day. A gripping tale from start to finish.


(4 stars)

the beginning was a bit slow but it began to get interesting after the first few chapters.

(4 stars)

It's very good and interesting stuff .One of the best books I have ever read

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(4 stars)

An excellent job of reading this story

(5 stars)

I was thinking about doing a recording of this book. Naturally, I looked to see if a good job of reading it had already been done. It has. Unfortunately, a couple of teenagers had some fun messing with the ratings. One, the "CEO of Burger King," and the other the "CEO of Zaxby's." BK-Dude gave it five stars, while Zaxby-Dude gave it a one-star rating--five times. This has hopelessly skewed the rating. Internet Archive management--if there is one--ought to show more consideration toward the readers than what has occurred here!! It takes a long time and a lot of work to do a good reading. I don't blame the teenagers nearly as much as whoever is supposed to be monitoring this sort of thing. (I was a teenager once, so I remember how the teenage bwain works. (That's right, I intentionally misspelled brain because I still have remnants of teenagedom left)). In any event, rachelellen does a fine reading of it. She certainly does a much better job than I could hope to do. The teenagers have messed the ratings up, misleadingly giving the impression that this is an amateurish job, which it certainly is NOT.

Review more for the book, less for the reading.

(5 stars)

I only listened to a few of the chapters and read the rest, so I can not really attest to the quality of the reading, but the story itself was amazing! Silas was a wonderful character with a wonderful depth to him. The story was so cute! I did get a bit confused when it came to the marriage of Godfrey Cass, the child, and Dustan, but I wasn't paying much attention when listening to that part either. Based on my further readings, I was able to realize what had been explained and to understand it wonderfully. I didn't expect much to be able to happen in such a short story, so I was pleasantly surprised. But it's not like there was too much crammed in, either. A wonderful balance of new and old.