Vegetarianism and Occultism

Read by Andrea Fiore

(4.5 stars; 107 reviews)

How does occultism regard vegetarianism? It regards it very favorably, and that for many reasons. These reasons may be divided into two classes: those which are ordinary and physical, and those which are occult or hidden. Let us see in detail why a vegetarian diet is emphatically the purest and the best. (Summary from Vegetarianism and Occultism) (1 hr 21 min)


Introduction 5:36 Read by Andrea Fiore
We Want the Best 4:35 Read by Andrea Fiore
More Nutriment 11:01 Read by Andrea Fiore
Less Disease 8:03 Read by Andrea Fiore
More Natural to Man 3:06 Read by Andrea Fiore
Greater Strength 9:01 Read by Andrea Fiore
Less Animal Passion 4:23 Read by Andrea Fiore
Economy 1:57 Read by Andrea Fiore
The Sin on Slaughter 4:00 Read by Andrea Fiore
The Degradation of the Slaughterman 5:17 Read by Andrea Fiore
Occult Reasons 5:06 Read by Andrea Fiore
Impure Vehicles 5:27 Read by Andrea Fiore
Man's Duty Towards Nature 3:45 Read by Andrea Fiore
Ghastly Unseen Results 6:37 Read by Andrea Fiore
The Better Time to Come 3:19 Read by Andrea Fiore



(4 stars)

it had a lot of information but i felt the writer was very judgmental

Short, crisp and awesome

(4.5 stars)

The book is a short summary but touches on all aspects of the matter. ai would've liked it more if he had explained the offult side of it more because I was looking for it. But, the book is awesome as such. No doubt about that.

straight forward

(4 stars)

the writings were not diving deep into the subject. it was more of a general understand of the impacts of eating no flesh food on he body and soul. it might serve those who just started there journey. #AsAboveSoBelow.

heartfelt and compassionate

(4.5 stars)

Some valuable considerations. I would venture that much of what is said here about unclean unwholesome food could also be applied to heavily processed fats, sugars, and additives of the modern diet.

Still relevant

(5 stars)

The text may be decades old, but the concepts and truths in this day and age of mass consumption still holds true. Well read by Andrea Fiore.


(5 stars)

This book is canonical timeless and classic. Everything said can be said for the past. Today is a new age of vegetarianism and love and peace Beautiful!

(3 stars)

the title was a bit misleading. not much information about the occult side of vegetarianism

(5 stars)

this is some good informations for the body and soul. thank you Andrea Fiori.