Varieties of Religious Experience

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The Varieties of Religious Experience: A Study in Human Nature is a book by the Harvard psychologist and philosopher William James that comprises his edited Gifford Lectures on "Natural Theology" delivered at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland between 1901 and 1902. These lectures concerned the nature of religion and the neglect of science, in James' view, in the academic study of religion. Soon after its publication, the book found its way into the canon of psychology and philosophy, and has remained in print for over a century. (Summary by Wikipedia) (22 hr 23 min)


Preface 17:18 Read by musil
Lecture I - Religion and Neurology 1:00:15 Read by JoeD
Lecture 2 - Circumscription of the Topic 1:04:10 Read by JoeD
Lecture 3 - The Reality of the Unseen 1:04:19 Read by JoeD
Lecture 4 - The Religion of Healthy-Mindedness 1:02:05 Read by JoeD
Lecture 5 - The Religion of Healthy-Mindedness 1:08:51 Read by JoeD
Lecture 6 - The Sick Soul 53:38 Read by JoeD
Lecture 7 - The Sick Soul 47:08 Read by JoeD
Lecture 8 - The Divided Self, and the Process of its Unification 1:01:07 Read by JoeD
Lecture 9 - Conversion 1:08:16 Read by JoeD
Lecture 10 part 1 - Conversion - Concluded 53:40 Read by JoeD
Lecture 10 part 2 - Conversion - Concluded 51:51 Read by JoeD
Lecture 11 - Saintliness 1:08:41 Read by JoeD
Lecture 12 - Saintliness 1:03:26 Read by JoeD
Lecture 13 - Saintliness 38:05 Read by JoeD
Lecture 14 - The Value of Saintliness 52:43 Read by JoeD
Lecture 15 - The Value of Saintliness 1:12:23 Read by JoeD
Lecture 16 - Mysticism 1:15:15 Read by JoeD
Lecture 17 - Mysticism 57:49 Read by JoeD
Lecture 18 - Philosophy 1:06:17 Read by JoeD
Lecture 19 - Other Characteristics 1:05:30 Read by JoeD
Lecture 20 Part 1 - Conclusions 37:27 Read by JoeD
Lecture 20 Part 2 - Conclusions 55:52 Read by JoeD
Postscript 17:00 Read by JoeD


Excellent reader

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Thank you Librivox! Well-read with just a couple of mispronunciations. I have been wanting to read this book for 29 years and have finally gotten through it. It’s a complex read and doesn’t contain quite as many illuminating points about consciousness as I’d hoped, but well worth listening to Joe D read. My first LibriVox listen, but I will definitely be back for more!

Thanks for making this available as audio!

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A very interesting book, and well read. Thanks, JoeD! :)


(5 stars)

The text itself is a wonderful and extremely worthwhile endeavor, and the narration by JoeD is done as well as anyone could ever ask for. A sincere thanks to JoeD for contributing his time and talents to this text. If you're curious about this book or this particular narration of the book, I assure you both are worth your time and attention.

Really interesting - recommended.

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love it! thank you for doing this! very very very grateful!

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Interesting book

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Wonderfully read by JoeD.

Excellent author and read very well.

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