Selected Works: Letters, Sketches and Stories

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Voltairine de Cleyre was an American anarchist. She was skilled in many subjects and wrote essays, poems, letters, sketches, stories and speeches. These are her selected letters, sketches and stories. (Summary by enko) (2 hr 4 min)


A rocket of iron 7:04 Read by Enko
The chain gang 9:36 Read by Enko
The heart of Angiolillo 23:03 Read by Enko
The reward of an apostate 6:48 Read by Enko
At the end of the alley - I 7:33 Read by Enko
Alone - II 8:04 Read by Enko
To strive and fail 8:57 Read by Enko
The sorrows of the body 5:25 Read by Enko
The triumph of youth 16:34 Read by Enko
The old shoemaker 3:02 Read by Enko
Where the white rose died 9:17 Read by Lucy Perry
A lance for anarchy 8:05 Read by Philippa
Letter to senator Hawley 1:14 Read by Enko
The philosophy of selfishness and metaphysical ethics 9:36 Read by Rhonda Federman