My Life on the Plains

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George Armstrong Custer (December 5, 1839 – June 25, 1876), one of the most mythologized figures in American history, was an United States Army officer and cavalry commander in the American Civil War and the Indian Wars. He eventually met his fate in the battle of Little Big Horn in one of the most notable defeats of American armed forces. (17 hr 44 min)


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on balance, he wasn't the Indian hater I heard about.

(5 stars)

He wouldn't stand up to today's insane PC environment, but he praised the Indians in many ways and occasions. He put much of the blame for bad relationships between settlers of the plains and the Native Americans on the Indian Agents. The agents were all getting rich by holding back much of what was given by the government for the Indians, and selling it to either the Indians at inflated prices, or to the settlers. As the Indians received less provisions, the black market prices increased along with the frustration; and the Government was seen as not fulfilling it's good faith promises. So even if it seems like the Indians broke treaties first, the greed of the Indian Agents were the first evil force.


(4 stars)

Excellent book! It was nice to learn about a person who is mainly only known by his means of death. I found this read both educational and exciting. Not long into it I found myself craving more of the story and not wanting it to end. I loved the reader of this book as well.

Very well written journal by General himself

(5 stars)

Story written with great attention paid to details. Exposes fight between US troops and Indians. Indians weren't peaceful as I have believed before listening to this book.


(5 stars)

This is one book you have to read written by the man himself that is all I am going to tell you GREAT BOOK.

(5 stars)

Very well written and very well read. Probably my favorite reader.

I truly appreciate and enjoyed both the reader and the book

(4 stars)

my life on the plains

(5 stars)

great storys well read

enjoyed this very much, reader was excellent

(5 stars)