The Hope of the Gospel

Read by Jordan

(4.6 stars; 85 reviews)

Perhaps most well-known for his fairy tales and fantasy stories such as The Golden Key and Phantastes, or for his poetry, George MacDonald was a great spiritual master of the nineteenth century. He spent several years as a minister in his native Scotland; however he was forced to resign his position due to ill health. He had a profound influence on such later writers as G. K. Chesterton and C. S. Lewis – the latter of whom considered MacDonald to be his spiritual father, and edited an anthology of his works.

In The Hope of the Gospel, with his ever sagely style, MacDonald explores the essential heart of the gospel that is so often overlooked, both in his day and ours. Dissatisfied with cheap and hasty interpretations of Scripture, MacDonald invites us beneath the surface in a heartfelt meditation on all that Christ came to accomplish. (Summary by Jordan) (6 hr 27 min)


Salvation from Sin - Part 1 17:40 Read by Jordan
Salvation from Sin - Part 2 16:00 Read by Jordan
The Remission of Sins - Part 1 13:17 Read by Jordan
The Remission of Sins - Part 2 14:49 Read by Jordan
Jesus in the World - Part 1 15:33 Read by Jordan
Jesus in the World - Part 2 16:09 Read by Jordan
Jesus and His Fellow Townsmen 28:04 Read by Jordan
The Heirs of Heaven and Earth - Part 1 16:51 Read by Jordan
The Heirs of Heaven and Earth - Part 2 15:20 Read by Jordan
Sorrow the Pledge of Joy 29:44 Read by Jordan
God's Family - Part 1 21:01 Read by Jordan
God's Family - Part 2 16:53 Read by Jordan
The Reward of Obedience 20:05 Read by Jordan
The Yoke of Jesus - Part 1 14:37 Read by Jordan
The Yoke of Jesus - Part 2 19:19 Read by Jordan
The Salt and the Light of the World 24:56 Read by Jordan
The Right Hand and the Left 23:45 Read by Jordan
The Hope of the Universe - Part 1 25:29 Read by Jordan
The Hope of the Universe - Part 2 38:03 Read by Jordan


The Hope of the Gospel - G. MacDonald

(5 stars)

I really enjoyed this book. After listening to it I understood why C.S. Lewis held the author in such great respect! The gentleman reading is very good and has a voice that is quite pleasing to listen to.


(5 stars)

Should be counted amoung the classics. Entertaining but very profound. I pray that some day I can understand many truths understood by the author. I found the reader did a suberb job as well.

(5 stars)

A wonderful, prophetic work. Beautifully read.

A Gospel theology based on the beatitudes

(5 stars)

I never could understand what Jesus meant with His sermon on the Mount. I had been led to believe that He was simply raising up a new law to prove how incapable sinners are of obeying - you must be perfect. This book explores the sermon as a message of hope for what we will become through Christ's saving power, a great read.

(5 stars)

Amongst other things, this book has brought out into the light some of the things that used to disturb me in some far and dark place in my existence as a human being (especially The Hope of the Universe). A great book by a great author and, not to mention, a great reader.

Succinctly summarise the gospel

(5 stars)

Sweet is the hope of the true gospel that saves us from sins rather than punishment. George Mcdonald walked us through the journey of Jesus preaching, while dispelling the ugly distortion of the good news.

Opened a whole new level of faith!!!

(5 stars)

I listened through and immediately started it over. So much better second time around. What a hugely positive message. The reader is brilliant, thank-you for volunteering your time!

(5 stars)

This book shows convincingly how the God of the Old and New Testaments is a loving God... a concept that I have always found hard to grasp. (The reader reads well, too!)