Egyptian Tales, translated from the Papyri, Series One

Read by Timothy Ferguson

(4.2 stars; 179 reviews)

Brief, and in some cases incomplete, stories of magic from ancient Egypt. (Summary by Timothy Ferguson) (1 hr 55 min)


Introduction 7:37 Read by Timothy Ferguson
Tales of the Magicians 38:31 Read by Timothy Ferguson
The Peasant and the Workman 15:17 Read by Timothy Ferguson
The Shipwrecked Sailor 13:10 Read by Timothy Ferguson
The Adventures of Sanehat 40:47 Read by Timothy Ferguson


Fabulous!!! Only wish for more, More, MORE papyri...

(5 stars)

Mythology, mythological theology...&, of course, fairy tales are some of my favorite subjects. Reflecting the ancient Egyptians' reality & religion, these stories contain both the culture & some essential life lessons at the various tales' time. I became lost in T. Ferguson's flowing narrative, which speaks volumes for his voice & style. Thus, I was anxious for more...Unfortunately, such translated papyri were rare at the date of this book's publication. LIBRIVOX'S "Egyptian Tales,"...has enhanced my interest in Egyptian mythology, moving the topic to the top of my "research" reading list.

A good introduction

(4 stars)

Petrie's notes which come after each tale provide excellent historical context and importance. The tales themselves vary in complexity, style, realism. They dont drag on for too long and in places seem familiar due to biblical/mythical archetypes repeated down the ages.

(5 stars)

Great reading and a wonderful insight to Egyptian life. And some of their literature.

Very hard to listen to.

(2 stars)

Very hard to listen to. The writer drags on in the conversations or it may be the reader that sounds so monotone. I can't pinpoint what it is but I could not continue to listen. I'm sure the stories are great but the way it is written and the way it is read makes a difference in capturing the audience's attention.

Silly but Ancient

(4 stars)

Thank you Timothy Ferguson. I never expected to be able to hear stories once turned over in the minds of those giant strange figures and I am very grateful for it. It’s hard to know if they were meant as warnings or pranks. Next for Mr. F: Gammer Gurton’s Needle. Please.

good book well read

(5 stars)

The reader is very good, maybe the stories aren’t that great, but these are intended to be more or less faithful translations of very ancient stories, so I don’t think the other reviewers were being fair

(5 stars)

Fascinating look into Egyptian culture through their revealing symbolic storytelling. The reader also deserves tremendous applause for tackling and succeeding in reading for us this complex work. Thank you. If you care to read along:


(5 stars)

I I don't lmao why but English/Commonwealth acvemta always seem to make a reading better, th for the good job!