Birds in the Calendar

Read by Ruth Golding

(4.7 stars; 13 reviews)

Delightful sketches of British wild birds - a bird for every month of the year from the pheasant in January to the robin in December. This collection of articles, reprinted in book form from the periodical The Outlook, is full of fascinating information about bird behaviour and habitat, as well as many interesting anecdotes. (Summary by Ruth Golding) (2 hr 29 min)


January: The Pheasant 9:30 Read by Ruth Golding
February: The Woodcock 13:12 Read by Ruth Golding
March: The Woodpigeon 11:58 Read by Ruth Golding
April: Birds in the High Hall Garden 11:35 Read by Ruth Golding
May: The Cuckoo 13:45 Read by Ruth Golding
June: Voices of the Night 12:05 Read by Ruth Golding
July: Swifts, Swallows and Martins 12:24 Read by Ruth Golding
August: The Seagull 14:42 Read by Ruth Golding
September: Birds in the Corn 11:22 Read by Ruth Golding
October: The Moping Owl 12:52 Read by Ruth Golding
November: Waterfowl 14:09 Read by Ruth Golding
December: The Robin Redbreast 11:59 Read by Ruth Golding


(5 stars)

For a characteristically educational book, the tone is surprisingly comical. Full of fun facts and anecdotes, this book shows each species' personality and points out the myths.

Very interesting and informative and of course it is very well r

(5 stars)

Short but good

(3 stars)

I quite enjoyed this short book and appreciated the fact that the author mentioned birds from other countries. There were references to the sport of bird hunting and shooting, particularly in the early part of the book. But I guess that's a reflection of the time and place it was written. I'd never considered the fact that game birds were bred (and probably still are) for the purpose of sport. I listened to this in the wee hours of the morning, and thanks to the wonderful narration fell asleep rather quickly. So I probably didn't learn as much from it as I would if I had listened to it during waking hours.