Buttered Side Down

Read by Xe Sands

(4.6 stars; 59 reviews)

"And so," the story writers used to say, "they lived happily ever after."

Um-m-m—maybe. After the glamour had worn off, and the glass slippers were worn out, did the Prince never find Cinderella's manner redolent of the kitchen hearth; and was it never necessary that he remind her to be more careful of her finger-nails and grammar? After Puss in Boots had won wealth and a wife for his young master did not that gentleman often fume with chagrin because the neighbors, perhaps, refused to call on the lady of the former poor miller's son?

It is a great risk to take with one's book-children. These stories make no such promises. They stop just short of the phrase of the old story writers, and end truthfully, thus: And so they lived. E. F. (Summary from the Foreword to "Buttered Side Down") (4 hr 35 min)


Foreword 1:25 Read by Xe Sands
The Frog and the Puddle 17:54 Read by Xe Sands
The Man Who Came Back 26:07 Read by Xe Sands
What She Wore 24:43 Read by Xe Sands
A Bush League Hero 23:59 Read by Xe Sands
The Kitchen Side of the Door 27:07 Read by Xe Sands
One of the Old Girls 23:57 Read by Xe Sands
Maymeys from Cuba 23:40 Read by Xe Sands
The Leading Lady 18:55 Read by Xe Sands
That Home-Town Feeling 23:38 Read by Xe Sands
The Homely Heroine 20:15 Read by Xe Sands
Sun Dried 18:48 Read by Xe Sands
Where the Car Turns at 18th 25:17 Read by Xe Sands


5th star for reader.

(5 stars)

Great stories, AMAZING reader!

Edna Ferber, my new favorite author

(5 stars)

Edna Gerber has surpassed Jane Austin as my favorite author. she is so witty and get descriptions just put you THERE like watching three scene in literary HD. I love how Ferber errors in this style that's line we are sitting chatting over tea with friends-speaking to all of us, then leaning over to tell me a secret tidbit. add to it this reader, oh wow! I love her accents (male/female, brogue, drawl, etc) her silky smooth narration honestly make me want to listen and re listen.... Amazing romp!

All the innocent freshness of the heartland, no matter the location or country !

(4.5 stars)

How or what can you comment about a book that slowly draws you back into a time of innocence and grants you a better vacation in a few hours than you can find in a week long cruise! Very glad to have stumbled into this author's books and I'll be relistening to many books several times in the future. Many, many more times.

interesting glimpses from 100 years ago

(4 stars)

Edna Ferber's stories end abruptly! The very last story, though, is different from the others - and I got suckered into joining the navy too, but in my case the consequences weren't so terrible. Miss Ferber had a bad impression of sailors all right. The reader, "Madera", is terrific, a real pro. What a versatile voice she has! I hope she does some more solo readings.


(5 stars)

I'm not usually much of a fan of the short story but this beautifully read collection by Edna Ferber has converted me. A very modern writer, Ferber gets to the heart of urban life where transplants from small towns find their dreams and nightmares. I cannot recommend this recording too highly. Madera is surely a professional actress. Her voice characterizations are spot on, sensitive, and variable. Thank you. TheBookworm (Manchester UK)

Ferber fables

(5 stars)

Very well written sketches of the era and there are the hints of other Ferber books ahead. The reader has a beautiful, expressive voice and except for a bit too much "brogue" and clipped phrasing sometimes, does a superior job. Thanx for a great job on a great, forgotten author and her early stories!

Amazing Narration!

(4 stars)

These stories are by no means of my favorite genres, but this narrator is simply amazing.


(2 stars)

ugh... I listened for a couple hours & was kinda... gagging... couldn't stand any more.