Jacob's Room

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The novel centres, in a very ambiguous way, around the life story of the protagonist Jacob Flanders, and is presented entirely by the impressions other characters have of Jacob [except for those times when we do indeed get Jacob's perspective]. Thus, although it could be said that the book is primarily a character study and has little in the way of plot or background, the narrative is constructed as a void in place of the central character, if indeed the novel can be said to have a 'protagonist' in conventional terms. Motifs of emptiness and absence haunt the novel and establish its elegiac feel. (Introduction by Wikipedia) (6 hr 4 min)


Chapter 01 13:33 Read by Amanda
Chapter 02 26:12 Read by Amanda
Chapter 03 31:01 Read by Amanda
Chapter 04 38:36 Read by James K. White
Chapter 05 21:53 Read by LizMourant
Chapter 06 20:59 Read by LizMourant
Chapter 07 12:40 Read by LizMourant
Chapter 08 21:29 Read by LizMourant
Chapter 09 34:34 Read by LizMourant
Chapter 10 23:22 Read by Mary Herndon Bell
Chapter 11 21:44 Read by David Abbott
Chapter 12, Part 1 21:32 Read by Mary Herndon Bell
Chapter 12, Part 2 26:35 Read by Mary Herndon Bell
Chapter 12, Part 3 18:27 Read by Mary Herndon Bell
Chapter 13 29:20 Read by Isabelle Brasme
Chapter 14 2:48 Read by Isabelle Brasme


(4.5 stars)

Rating for the reading, not the book. sidharth Vardhan